EP Wat Tyler / J Church ‎– Extra Shite Poos Explosion

EP Wat Tyler / J Church

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EP Wat Tyler / J Church ‎– Extra Shite Poos Explosion
Label: Suspect Device records
Format: vinyl, 7"
Released: 1994

punk rock

A1 Wat Tyler - Played for and got
A2                  -  Smells like dog poo
A3                 - If the kids are united

B1 J Church - If Iam  lonely
B2                 - At the end of M1

Comes in fold out paper sleeve with lyrics and band info inside.
Front sleeve lists the label as SD Records although the inner sleeve displays the full label details.
"All songs are shit so we don't bother with copyright."

Track A1 recorded at Ramshackle, Sunderland on the 22-24th-10-94.
Tracks A2 and A3 recorded at Redchurch, in Hackney, on the 24-7-93.

Tracks B1 and B2 were recorded over in 510, late fall of 1994 at Dancing Dog, E-ville, CA.

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